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Senggo is another sub district capital called Citak Mitak that also belongs to Merauke. Senggo is a small town of no car, no electricity, not even bike. This town is also one of the most isolated towns in Irian Jaya. Recently, there are only two flights a month depart from Merauke to Senggo.

A one-day boating to Basman, willl take to the so called tree house people, the Korowai Tribesmen. The Korowai and Kombai tribes build their houses on trees as high as 150 feet for a reason; ' to see the birds and the mountains and to keep sorcerers climbing the stairs.' Korowai is one of Irian Jaya's 250 indigenous tribes living in the swampy tract of forest. The nearest village to Senggo is Basman, where the tree house may not be  seen yet. The Kombai are neighbors of the Korowai. The two peoples' material culture, including tree houses, is nearly indentical, but their languages are very different. Both tribesmen were largely ignored by outsiders until 1977 when missionaries Johannes Veldhuizen, and later, Gerrit Van Enk arrived.

To visit Korowai and Kombai, it is highly recommended to hire an experienced guide through a tour operator. Only certain tour operators operating adventure trip to this area. The only way to get there in the meanwhile is by chartered flight either from Wamena or elsewhere to Senggo then the rest is all by canoe.
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