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The asmat region still belongs to the district of Merauke. There used to be thriceweekly regular flight from Merauke to Ewer in Asmat. Since a year ago the airstrip of Ewer is being repaired so that temporarily there is no flight to Ewer. In the meanwhile one of the alternative way to get to Asmat is by chartered flight to Senggo then continue by boat or by one-day motorized boat from Timika directly to Agats.Another way for indi small plane, like Cessna, to Ewer. From Ewer it would take another faorty minutes to Agats by motorized boat.

The whole area of Asmat consists of four sub districts called kecamatan of total 10,000  square miles and inhabited by about 70,000 famous Asmat tribesmen. The only town in Asmat is Agats and becomes the largest sub district capital in the area.Almost all part of Asmat area is swampy and water exists not only on raining season ( 200 inches per year ) but also comes from high tide of the ocean. So that like Venice, Agats looks like stands between the water and blue sky.All trips must be done by motorized boat with experienced guide and driver.

Asmat is one of the most interesting places to explore in Irian Jaya. The  highlights are exploring the native with their long houses and seeking for headhunting tradition years ago.The Asmat were Rockefeller, son of the American late Vise-President,disappeared off their coast. Many believe that he was difted in the river when he was last seen swimming strongly for shore from his drifting boat towards the nearby village of Ocanep. Living amongst the estuaries of the world’s largest and accessible alluvial swamp. The

Asmat are wood-age culture with very primitive way of life. The rivers snaking through mangrove forest daily rise with the tides to submerge the entire area for up to a hundred miles island. The word Asmat means ‘Wood’ or ‘Tree’ people, for they are the same word and, like their totemic creature the praying mantis, they are the forest itself come alive. They also carve trees into which they drum the spirits of relatives killed in battle with neighboring villages. This spirits can only be released through a vengeance killing.

Asmat area has just been opened for tourists a few years ago after being closed for years. Soon, numerous visitors come to make expeditions. To visit Asmat, it is highly recommended to arrange your trip through a local tour operator.  Due to frequencies of changes of local air schedule, a precontact to your travel agent is necessary to obtain latest information.
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