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Twelve kilometers fro Merauke in the far south east of Irian Jaya , lies Wasur National Park (4,260 square kilometers) immediately adjacent to the Tonda Reserve in Papua New Guinea. It is easily accessible from Merauke through the planed Trans-Irian Highway which in fact, bisects the park from east to west.

Wasur is a largely flat expance of wetland and coastal plain comprising ermanent and seasonal lakes and marshes criss-crossed by numerous rivers. The ark stretches from the mangrove-fringed coast, through beech forests, impenetrable bamboo forests, and swamps, to the open savannahs wood land and mixed monsoon forest characteristic of the seasonally flooded plains.

About 390 species of birds have been recorded, many of them migratory waders, ducks,cranes,storks,ibis,spoonbills other water birds. Also seen here the largest lizard in the world. Salva dor’s Monitor Lizard. Rather more elusive are the endemic plateless turtle, the frilled lizard, and a wide variety of frogs and toads, A patient observers may also be able to see Irian’s typical bird of paradise, rirlebirds, crowned pigeons and a host of other birds.
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